Yoga for healthy back

Group yoga classes
This course is held in the Czech language.

Do you want to practice yoga without pain and get to know your body’s options better? Come and try this yoga class with me.

Not only will it help you with pain, but regular exercise with me will serve as a prevention against further pain in the future.

You will be more flexible, more relaxed, better connected to your body and you will definitely enjoy a nice atmosphere.

And of course, there is always room for questions, corrections, finding suitable variants directly for you.

The big advantage is that I am a physiotherapist and really understand how the body works.

Don’t expect any crazy advanced positions in this class. It is mainly about the correct involvement of deep muscles and the perception of your body really in-depth. It is common to use yoga props that are available for you in the hall.

Come and try. I will be looking forward to seeing you.


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