Pelvic floor therapy

As part of physiotherapy, pelvic floor dysfunction can also be treated. Many women have no idea that pelvic floor physiotherapy is neither difficult nor painful, and thanks to the experience of a physiotherapist who specializes in this topic, it can be comfortable and very effective. So pay the same attention to your pelvic floor as you do to other muscles and get rid of incontinence and pain permanently.

Why to go to see a physiotherapist for pelvic floor therapy?

The pelvic floor muscles work like any other, but often we are not able to perceive them so well and work with them. Learning to use these muscles is difficult and only half of women are able to perform the exercises correctly. If done incorrectly, it can even endanger its pelvic floor dangerously. Therefore, physiotherapy is highly recommended.

Treatment is possible, prevention is easier. Get started today!

How do pelvic floor disorders manifest themselves?

  • Pain in the pelvis / coccyx / sacrum
  • Painful menstruation / cycle disorders
  • Sexual dysfunction, functional sterility
  • Urinary / faecal incontinence

And many others

Who should start with pelvic floor therapy?

  • Women in pregnancy and after childbirth
  • Women who can’t get pregnant
  • Women with painful or irregular periods
  • People with pain during sexual intercourse
  • People with full back and coccyx pain
  • Women after gynecological operations
  • Menopausal women
  • People with chronic respiratory diseases, people suffering from gastrointestinal disorders
  • People with a decline or prolapse of the organs of the small pelvis

What is waiting for you?

  • Examination and diagnosis of pelvic floor muscles
  • Training in the correct involvement of the pelvic floor muscles
  • Treatment of other parts of the musculoskeletal system
  • Involvement of the pelvic floor in more demanding activities

Where can you find me?

  • Yoga Karlín, Březinova 13, Prague 8 – Karlín
  • Louňovice (near Říčany)

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What is the price?

You can find the price list here

in case of interest in group pelvic floor exercise therapy, please let me know! I do regular ones held in the Czech language, but once in a while I open the english ones too.