Yoga – individual classes

Yoga is not just a leisure activity and a healthy movement where you can socialize and enjoy the great atmosphere around you. Most importantly, it’s time you dedicate to yourself. A time when you are fully relaxing your body and mind not only in the position of Shavasana or during breathing exercises, but also during individual asanas.

It doesn’t matter if you do yoga because you try to move more, because of back pain, the need to relax or arouse more, or for another purpose. All the reasons you came to yoga are correct. These are your reasons that will help you feel better about yourself, your body, and the world around you. You are on the right track. Stay on it. Enjoy this great yoga ride and discover everything new that comes with it.

Yoga can be practiced in groups or individually 1: 1, offline or online.

  • Overview of group yoga lessons & courses with me can be found here
  • Online options are possilbe only as an individual class, there are currently no group online classes

Why to have individual class?

Would you like to do yoga but need a teacher to guide you, but in a private class? Do you have special yoga needs or wishes? Do you want to have it at a time that suits you? Here is the perfect opportunity!

  • Individual yoga will help you in that the teacher devotes himself fully and only to you
  • You will learn
    • how to understand your body more
    • natural breathing and posture
    • detoxify the body and feel better
    • easier to manage daily stress
    • wake up your body
    • free him from sedentary work at the computer and improve his mobility, flexibility and strength
    • improve concentration

Where can you find me?

  • Yoga Karlín, Březinova 13, Prague 8 – Karlín
  • Louňovice (near Říčany)

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