Price list


  • In Yoga Karlín studio, 55 minutes*: CZK 1,600

Please note that the first therapy costs CZK 3,200: therapy price CZK 1,600 + refundable deposit of CZK 1,600.

  • In Louňovice (near the town Říčany, max 25 km from Prague city center), 55 minutes*: CZK 1,250
  • AT YOUR HOME – if you live in the areas of Prague 22, Prague 21, Prague – East: 1,250 CZK + price for transport (+ possibly also parking fee, if you live in the area of paid parking zones.) Price for transport – individual agreement, depending on the distances + possible significant discount in case of multiple therapies at the same address. (If you involve your family, neighbors, relatives,..)

The price for the therapy is payable in cash. The deposit can be used for a cancellation fee in the case of late cancellation of the ordered therapy (see below for the conditions for cancellation of therapy). If you do not manage to cancel the agreed date of the first visit in time, you must pay the cancellation fee by bank transfer.

  • The duration of the therapy includes the writing of documentation, organizational matters, and payment.


  • 5 visits: 7,650 CZK (you save 350 CZK)

A subscription of 5 visits must be used up within 6 months from the date of purchase at the latest. Please keep an eye on the deadlines in your own interest, after these deadlines the unused subscription will be forfeited without the right to a refund of the remaining amount.

Subscription prices, like individual therapies, are payable in cash.


It is possible to issue a gift voucher for all services offered, both in the form of a one-off therapy and a discounted subscription. See prices above.

The gift voucher must be used no later than 9 months from the date of purchase.

For ordering and other questions, contact me at


In order to improve the quality of services, I ask you to comply with the following rules of communication and cancellation policy.

Ordering, changing, and canceling dates

Ordering, changing and timely cancellation of dates take place exclusively through the reservation system.

If you can’t find any free date in the reservation system, write me an email. In the subject, state “interest in an appointment” and in the text your phone number. In the event that a date becomes available, I will inform you as a matter of priority (by email or SMS).

Cancellation of agreed dates

To cancel dates 3 or more days in advance, only use the reservation system.

If you do not manage to cancel the therapy in time in the reservation system, you can cancel the agreed date by sending an SMS no later than 8:00 a.m. the morning of the previous working day. Cancel Monday therapy no later than Friday by 5:00 p.m.

If you do not manage to cancel the therapy within this deadline, you will be required to pay 100% of the cancellation fee. A deposit of CZK 1,600, made at the time of the first completed therapy, can be used for the cancellation fee. If this is your first visit and you have not yet paid the deposit, the amount must be sent by bank transfer.

Deposits for therapy

A deposit equal to the price of one therapy is payable in cash at the first visit. When the deposit is used for the cancellation fee, it must be paid again before the next therapy. At the last therapy, it will be returned to you again in cash.

Rules of communication

Please respect the therapist’s working hours when communicating.

  • Po 8 –18
  • Út 8 –17
  • St 8 – 16
  • Čt 8 –16
  • Pá 8 –17

Please note that I do not answer phone calls during (or outside of) business hours. Use SMS to communicate urgent matters (e.g. changing or canceling an appointment less than 3 days in advance). For questions and anything not that urgent, please send an email. (Questions regarding therapies you have completed,e.g. regarding exercises, please prepare for the next scheduled visit.)

SMS sent outside working hours will be answered during working hours according to my capacity. To emails, I will answer within 5 working days. Thank you for your patience.

All the necessary information, including my phone contact, is available in the terms and conditions. Thank you for reading them before your first visit.

Tereza ~ Innerlook