Pelvic floor

The pelvic floor is an often talked-about topic, unfortunately, surrounded by many myths. What is certain is that a healthy pelvic floor helps us boost our feminine vitality and supports our overall health. You need to pay attention to your pelvic floor and be able to work with it. Let’s give our women’s health the necessary care, it will reward us richly. Always remember that treatment is possible, but prevention is always easier and better. 😉



In practice, I use several methods. I combine experiences from physiotherapy, yoga, traditional Chinese medicine, and psychosomatics. I help women to find their feminine health back and their pelvic floor to be healthy and flexible as it should be.

For example, I use a combination of the DNS concept, with yoga exercises, the methods of Ludmila Mojžíšová, the Pelvic Floor School, pelvic floor physiotherapy, and the pregnant & postpartum approach according to Mgr. Havlíčková and Mgr. Springerová. Last but not least, mobilization techniques and soft tissue techniques, fascia release, kinesiotaping, and much more.


  • I graduated with a master’s degree in physiotherapy at the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Palacký University in Olomouc,
  • I completed internships abroad in leading teaching hospitals in Belgium and Germany, where I also participated in a postgraduate internship and worked at a private clinic in Leipzig,
  • I completed countless specialized courses focused on pelvic floor physiotherapy, pregnancy, and postpartum, but also non-physiotherapy courses, focused more on psychosomatics, bioenergetics, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • now I work in Prague, I regularly further my education and participate in other courses and trainings and learn new methods.
  • I am also a teacher of group and individual yoga and a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Pelvic floor therapy

Pelvic floor dysfunction can also be treated as part of physiotherapy. Many women have no idea how important and beneficial pelvic floor physiotherapy is for the whole body. It is neither difficult nor painful, and thanks to the experience of a physiotherapist who specializes in this topic, it can be comfortable and very effective. So give your pelvic floor the same attention as other muscles and get rid of pelvic floor dysfunction (incontinence and pain, but not only that!) permanently. Ideally, it’s good to work (correctly!) with your pelvic floor even if you don’t have any problems at the moment. As prevention. Treatment is possible, prevention is easier. So get started today!

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Therapy during pregnancy and after childbirth

Physiotherapy during pregnancy and after childbirth is very important and often neglected. Pregnancy and childbirth can be a great burden on a woman’s body. During pregnancy, the body posture changes and usually promotes muscle imbalances, childbirth weakens the pelvic floor, and with this, the woman has to carry a baby that is heavier and heavier. Big back pains can appear and not only that. We will therefore focus on restoring muscle balance, targeted activation of the necessary muscles, and stretching and relaxation of those muscle groups that need to be relaxed. We will prepare your body for the next burden of carrying a child and we will work to prevent other possible difficulties.

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Let’s discover the possibilities of your pelvic floor. Give your pelvis enough attention, be able to activate it properly, and take care of it. A healthy pelvic floor helps us boost our feminine vitality and supports our overall health. You can work with it both preventively and in case of any difficulties. Courses are an ideal option for this. They will offer you a comprehensive approach to dealing with this topic, really in-depth and from all possible directions. Everyone will find here what suits them and what they need. Believe that your pelvic floor will reward you richly. The duration of the courses is 7 lessons, once a week.

At the moment, there are courses planned only in the Czech language. If you are interested in such a course in English, please write me an email. I will happily organize one.


A successful workshop, which has already been attended by a lot of women and opened up the possibilities of how to work with your pelvic floor. You will find out how to start feeling your pelvic floor, and how to activate and relax it. You will also learn how the correct function of the pelvic floor is connected with breath, posture, and psychosomatics. We will also talk about what to avoid. We will show you the areas in which you can further develop, and if you want to explore this topic in depth, you can continue with the comprehensive pelvic floor course that I organize every six months or in individual therapy with me.

At the moment, there are workshops planned only in the Czech language. If you are interested in such a workshop in English, please write me an email. I will happily organize one.


I organize weekend retreats for women focused on the pelvic floor, yoga, meditation, relaxation, and women’s herbal spa. There are also principles from physiotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine, and we always talk and discuss various topics from psychosomatics. All this is in connection with nature, relaxation outside the city, quality healthy food, sauna, massages, and always in great supportive female company.

At the moment, there is planned one nice yoga retreat for all (both women and men) English-speaking people. Check it out here.

The retreats for this specific topic for women are planned for now only in the Czech language. If you are interested in such an event in English, please write me an email. I will happily organize one.