Physiotherapy during pregnancy and after childbirth

Why physiotherapy during pregnancy?

Because the center of gravity changes significantly during pregnancy and thus the position of the pelvis and spine changes and the ligaments become loose, which then makes it harder to hold the individual body segments together, often there are movement problems that you did not suffer from before and are new to you. It is good to solve these problems as soon as possible with an experienced physiotherapist who specializes in this issue.

The most common problems are low back pain, pain, coccyx pain, symphysis pain, hip problems, shoulder pain, abdominal muscle pain and tension, cervical spine pain and many more.

Targeted exercise, relaxation, and gentle joint mobilization in combination with kinesiotaping brings quick relief.

Even during pregnancy, you can feel comfortable and relaxed, with no pain. Get advice and book a therapy with me.

Postpartum physiotherapy

Pregnancy and childbirth are major burdens on a woman’s body. During pregnancy there is a change in posture and usually promotes muscle imbalances, childbirth weakens the pelvic floor and with this, the woman must carry a child who is heavier and heavier
.Great back pain and more can happen.

In physiotherapy, we focus on restoring muscle balance and activating muscles that have weakened. We will prepare your body for the next load of carrying the baby and we will work to prevent other possible problems.

What do we deal with most often during therapy and what are the examples that I can I help you with

  • Relief from musculoskeletal pain
  • Exercises for the proper function of the abdominal muscles and alleviation of diastasis of the abdominal muscles
  • Support of the smooth course of childbirth (through the breath, proper function of the diaphragm, by adjusting the tension in the pelvis and pelvic floor)
  • Expert advice on appropriate exercise and regime measures in the postpartum period
  • Support for the foot arch function

Where can you find me?

  • Yoga Karlín, Březinova 13, Prague 8 – Karlín
  • Louňovice (near Říčany)

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