Individual yoga classes

Yoga completely fitting to your body’s needs

Why have an individual yoga class with me?

In an individual yoga class, I will put all the attention to you. Not only can you achieve the results you want faster, but I will tailor the class to what is best for your body at that moment. We can get to the bottom of a lot of problems and limits, we will have space to get more in-depth. And as a bonus is the fact that I am a physiotherapist, and I can do a diagnosis of your musculoskeletal system first, and accordingly put together a class so that it really is as beneficial as possible. A big plus of yoga with a physiotherapist is that she really understands the body and knows what should happen in individual positions and focuses on details, which are actually very important.

Maybe it has also happened to you that you wanted to go to a group course to practice, but for some reason you were shy, you didn’t find the courage, you had ingrained blocks, and you preferred to give up. Then individual yoga is a great solution for you.

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Yoga retreats

I organize weekend or longer stays aimed at connecting yoga & physiotherapy & relaxation & fun and getting to know new places in a nice nature. If you didn’t pick from the ones offered, or you missed out on the ones organized, do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in such a stay. It is also possible to prepare an individual plan for your entire group according to your wishes.

Group yoga classes

Do yoga with me, set yourself in balance for the day, relax, stretch and strengthen your body, and learn how to breathe properly.

You can practice gentle yoga styles with me. I teach traditional Hatha yoga, physio-yoga, and yoga for a healthy back.

The group yoga classes are right now all held in the Czech language but for those classes mentioned below, you can join even if you don’t speak perfect Czech language – if there is any English speaker, I always try to explain shortly the most important information in English and when there is a need of correcting /adjusting any position, I go explain personally.

In case you would be interested in having a yoga class fully in English, please let me know, I would happily schedule some if we find more people interested.

Stay tuned and follow the news on this website.



I do workshops on various topics related to yoga & healthy movement and a healthy lifestyle in general.

Most of the already planned workshops are held in the Czech language, but if you are interested in the topics mentioned above, do not hesitate to contact me. It is possible to organize a workshop directly at your work, for a group of your friends, etc.! For sure we can think of something together.

In case you would like to check out the courses and workshops that are held in Czech, visit this website:

kurz Jóga zdravě a do hloubky


Right now I am fully busy with the courses and workshops held in the Czech language. You are welcome to join. Check them here.

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