The physiotherapy medical field focused on prevention, diagnosis, and therapy of musculoskeletal disorders. It helps with problems such as back pain, joints, tendons, etc., but it can also be taken as prevention of these problems. So it is good not only to find a physiotherapist in case of musculoskeletal pain but also to visit him for the diagnosis itself, even if you are not bothered by great pain. The sooner you start taking care of your body and detect minor imbalances, the more you will avoid later difficulties. A good physiotherapist looks at a person and his body comprehensively, he is never limited to one given painful place, because he knows that functional disorders in a given place can cause problems even in a more distant place. So it works with the fact that everything is intertwined in the body.
Many methods are used to treat the musculoskeletal system to help a person with pain.

For whom is physiotherapy generally good?

Many of us in today’s hectic world usually suffer from some pain, in many cases, it is caused by sedentary work, so many people do not avoid back pain, most often stiff neck or shoulder pain.
Did you know that the origin of your pain can often be caused by psychological stress? And what happens to your muscles? They withdraw and do not work as they should. This can cause headaches due to the stiff muscles of the cervical spine.
Proper breathing, which you can learn from me, is also important to relieve stress.
Are you a passionate athlete or do you go jogging or working out from time to time and need help regenerating after a workout? Then you are right here.
It is also suitable for those who have decided to follow a healthy lifestyle and take physiotherapy as prevention.

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Physiotherapy – my specialization

Pelvic floor therapy

As part of physiotherapy, pelvic floor dysfunction can also be treated. Many women have no idea that pelvic floor physiotherapy is neither difficult nor painful, and thanks to the experience of a physiotherapist who specializes in this topic, it can be comfortable and very effective. So pay the same attention to your pelvic floor as you do to other muscles and get rid of incontinence and pain permanently.

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Therapy during pregnancy and after childbirth

Because the center of gravity changes significantly during pregnancy and thus the position of the pelvis and spine changes and the ligaments become loose, which then makes it harder to hold the individual body segments together, often there are movement problems that you did not suffer from before and are new to us. It is good to solve these problems as soon as possible with an experienced physiotherapist who specializes in this issue.

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Sport physiotherapy

Whether you do any sport competitively or go to the gym, it is advisable to consult your exercise with a physiotherapist from time to time to prevent problems in the future or, if you already have problems, to alleviate them and thus prevent further undue overload.

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Have you decided to go ahead and try physiotherapy and you don’t know what awaits you?

Read more and see how is it going during the therapy:

First, I will make a detailed diagnosis of your musculoskeletal system and I will do the proper therapy accordingly to the results. I will also give you home exercises. In some cases when it’s needed I add for example advice on ergonomics in the working environment. It all depends on the type of problems you have.

In my therapy, I use a combination of different methods, such as DNS concept, yoga, Rehabilitation treatment of some types of functional female sterility by the method of L. Mojžíšová, Pelvic floor school, therapy for pelvic floor dysfunctions, therapy during pregnancy and after childbirth, Sensorimotor stimulation, Dorn methods, Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, Triggerpoint therapy and last but not least mobilization and soft tissue techniques, fascia release, kinesiotaping, and many others.

Where can you find me?

  • Yoga Karlín, Březinova 13, Prague 8 – Karlín
  • Louňovice (near Říčany)

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