Facial Guasha

A natural technique in facial care that helps reduce wrinkles and skin imperfections. A cream is applied to the face, which is spread with two jade plates. The massage perfuses the tissue and nourishes the skin. The skin is then brightened, smoothed, refreshed and the color of the face is unified. The effect is visible immediately. With the help of facial Gua Sha, we can alleviate not only the signs of skin aging, but also unevenness, pigment spots, veins, sacs, and circles under the eyes.

Why the jade plates and why are they so effective? The plates are specially shaped and reveal any unevenness in the subcutaneous tissue, which is not obvious with the touch of a finger.

This method can completely replace expensive invasive facial interventions.

Contraindications: inflammation, high-grade acne, facial injuries, fever. During menstruation and pregnancy, we avoid the area around the mouth, which is a holographic image of female organs.

Where can you find me?

  • Yoga Karlín, Březinova 13, Prague 8 – Karlín
  • Louňovice (near Říčany)

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