What is Guasha?

Guasha is a massage technique based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and performed using a jade plate. It has an immediate effect and helps the therapist to diagnose problems in the body.

A special Guasha plate is applied to the skin, which then reveals the sowing in different places, in different intensity and shape. Accordingly, it is possible to diagnose the client’s condition and choose a suitable therapy. The massage itself is not painful. Circulation in capillaries is stimulated, and metabolism is promoted in the given area. Guasha pushes stagnant thick blood and waste products from the network of capillaries into the tissues, into the subcutaneous tissue, between the cells, from where the lymphatic system then takes the waste products away from the body and thus improves the condition of the capillary system, restores patency, improves cell condition.


• people with impaired blood clotting,

• bleeding disorders, skin damage, skin inflammation,

• when the nervous system is weakened,

• acute injuries, fractures, tumors and scars, including the surroundings,

• during menstruation,

• during pregnancy,

• if the client is taking blood thinners or has atherosclerosis.

Where to have Facial Guasha with me?

  • Centrum Loreto : Štorchova 1555/5, 180 00 Praha 8-Libeň (Tram stop Libeňský most, parking with no zones)


You can find the price list here.