How to prevent back pain

Back pain is currently one of the most common health problems. They are also one of the most common reasons for visiting a doctor, incapacity for work, and the cause of hospitalization.

The most common pain is localized in the lower back because it is the most stressed part of the spine. It carries the weight of the whole body and it has high demands on stabilization during normal daily activities.

The main reason why back pain is so common in today’s lifestyle. We spend most of the day sitting at work, by the computer or in the car. We are trying to secure ourselves financially and have a “happier” life. The demand for us increases and with all our worries and responsibilities, we often forget about ourselves and the signals that our body is often sending to us, to slow down, to rest, and not to stress that much. We can easily get into a circle, where we then spend money on treatments and therapies to feel better and healthier. But often it would be enough to just relax more and skip some of the activities that we have put on ourselves. We should also look around in our flats or houses and realize how many things we own and constantly buy. The „need “of owning stuff forces us to earn more money, so we end up working more. When we go over all the things we have, we might realize that a lot of things are unnecessary and, in the end, we don’t need that much.

We often ignore the warning signs of our body and prefer to reach for a pain killer, which helps us for a while, so we forget about the pain, and we can keep on working. But the pain should help us, to change something. It is a warning sign.

We have lost the ability to listen to our bodies. We don’t stop for a while to think why the problem and the pain appeared. What is it, that our body tries to tell us? Pain killers won’t solve those problems, quite the contrary. There may be situations where problems increase because we have not removed the original cause. In extreme cases, serious illnesses occur. Then we have to stop with everything, often in circumstances where it is impossible to enjoy this break.

The truth is though, that in difficult situations, we usually „wake up “and we realize the mistakes we have made. Then we also start to understand how little is needed, to enjoy life and what is important. We hit the pause button and turn the attention to ourselves; we start appreciating the little things in life.

Back pain is the “better” option and we should not ignore this problem for long. Movement means life, “immobility” equals pain. Our whole life is about movement. And that is also important for our health back. The ideal movement is walking, which distinguishes humans from other animals. When walking, all the muscles in the body must work, in perfect coordination. With long sitting, our muscles get weaker and the spine is then more prone to injuries and pain.

Another cause of back pain can be mental stress or depression. Our body gets stiffer, which is reflected in the posture and restriction of mobility. This condition then further reciprocally affects our psyche again. The flexibility of the body also supports flexibility in thinking and in approaching life situations.

Yoga can help to prevent back pain

There are several approaches to get rid of back pain. Physiotherapy plays an important role here. It focuses mainly on correcting the posture, activation of the torso musculature, change of movement habits, and also, among other things, focuses on ergonomics of the working environment.

We should also think about how we normally spend our day and what problems and emotions we have. Didn’t we put too much on ourselves?

One way to fight back pain is to practice yoga, which affects both the physical side of the problem – through the asanas and the mental side as well. Yoga can help us to better perceive our body as a whole, to relax, and to have a more positive approach to life.

Back pain will ease and may even disappear completely. However, our proactive approach is needed. Exercising every day, even if only for a while, can create wonders. The combination of physiotherapy and yoga is ideal.

Daily task for you

Define the time you will devote only to yourself.

Find at least 20 minutes of exercise each day. Also make time for activities in which you will clear your mind and shift your thoughts somewhere else, to relax and to be able to “switch off” completely. Whether it’s walking, meditation, breathing exercises, drawing, cooking – simply anything that suits you and helps you to be more relaxed.

If you manage to fit this in your daily routine and it becomes a habit, you will feel different and it will help you to ease the pain.


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