Yoga and how I see it

Nowadays a lot of people start doing yoga. It’s a great sign because that shows that people are willing to work on themselves. 

I am really happy to see this transformation in today’s society. However,

 it also shows, that people’s lives are more stressful. People started to realize, that it´s too much. They feel exhausted and they get sick more often.

Regardless, if this applies to you or not, it was a great decision to start with yoga and do something for yourself.

Not only it is an activity where you can meet new people and enjoy a nice atmosphere, but it is a time of the day when you choose to do something for yourself. You can relax not just in the Shavasana position and during pranayama, but also through all the asanas.

 Did it ever happen to you, when the class ended, that…? :

  • you felt full of energy
  • you just had a smile on your face and felt like everything is amazing
  • when being outside, you started noticing more details around you
  • Did you feel more balanced?

Congratulations, because that is the aim of yoga practice. That is, how yoga is supposed to make you feel. So why not to continue feeling like this more often, or better – every day?

No matter for which reason you started with yoga. Any reason is good and the decision for doing it was for the best. You are on a great path, don’t give up on it, go on and enjoy the journey. You will keep discovering wonderful things.


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